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  • v2.1.0
    046d9bd4 · added copyright ·
    v2.1.0 changes
    * #106 bookmarks support
    * #134 fixed includes
    * #157 added new build flags `EASY_OPTION_TRUNCATE_RUNTIME_NAMES` and `EASY_OPTION_CHECK_MAX_VALUE_SIZE` for checking maximum block runtime-name length and max `EASY_VALUE` array size at run-time. I recommend you do not use these flags (they're disabled by default) because they add additional runtime checks which would lead to minor slow-down. It is just better not to use very long names and arrays (max 2816 bytes / chars) instead of additional runtime checks.
    * replaced usage of `COMPILER_MSVC` (which is not defined anywhere) with `_MSC_VER` in `current_time.h`
    * #106 bookmarks support
    * added search matches highlighting for Stats tree and Blocks list
    * added statistics for selected area
    * added median duration calculation
    * added avg and median durations to the histogram
    * added borders for the histogram
    * added possibility to select area using selected block begin and end times (just right-click on any block on the Diagram)
    * use transparent RoundProgressDialog everywhere
    * added max rows count calculation for Call-stack Stata-tree mode
    * #112 fixed loosing focus for Diagram tool-tips
    * #125 fixed tool-tips behavior when switching between applications
    * #143 fixed negative weight for `QFont`
    * #154 fixed reconnect issue after previous connection failure
    * fixed CSS parsing
    * fixed CSS style
    * workaround for Qt huge memory leak on Linux when creating and deleting Qt-objects in different threads
    * rearranged application settings
    * #123 #124 linux deployment fix
    * #128 #129 fixed build with `std::chrono` clock
    * #126 #127 avoid propagation of `-std=gnu++11` to user targets
    * #131 #132 fixed build for MIPS
    * #137 fixed Android build
    * #145 support building with QNX 7.0
    * #150
  • v2.0.1
    v2.0.1: Clang build fix, high-dpi displays fix, minor fixes
    * (#108) Fixed Clang build
    * (#89) Fixed scaling for high-dpi displays + respecting explicitly set font scaling (Windows)
    * Fixed histogram scaling when using mouse wheel
    * Updated UI style
  • v2.0.0
    * (#31) Added possibility to save user metrics (a.k.a. arbitrary values)
      * `#include <easy/arbitrary_value.h>`
      * Use `EASY_VALUE("Name", variable_ref);` // See more options at `easy/arbitrary_value.h`
    * Added file converter (currently only .prof to .json is supported)
    * (#75) There is no need anymore to wait all threads finish their opened frames when dumping blocks to file/stream
    * (#81) Added CMake option to choose function names format
    * Added CMake option `EASY_PROFILER_NO_GUI` to build without `profiler_gui`
    * (#48) Minimized paddings in .prof file header
    * Bug fixes
      * Fixed `EASY_ENABLE_ALIGNMENT` build error
      * (#75) Fixed UI freeze when hitting `Cancel` button while transmitting profiled blocks from profiled application to the UI
      * Mac: Added support for building with Apple LLVM clang version < 8.0
        * Add support for building with pre 2016 Apple LLVM clang
        * Automatically detect Apple clang that do not support thread_local
        * Clarify clang thread_local support code comment
      * (#72) Windows: VS2017 build fix
      * Unix: Context switch logger gets the processor cycle counter instead of time of a day
      * Other bug fixes
    * (#31) Added arbitrary values viewer
    * (#100) Added possibility to zoom in selected region
    * (#91) Added possibility to take a snapshot. Now you can save selected area to separate file. Works both with blue selection (hold right mouse button + move) and black ruler (double-click + hold mouse button + move)
    * Improved UI styles
    * Blocks histogram (under Diagram scene) is now resizeable
    * (#89) Added viewport info widget. See [Settings] -> [See viewport info]
    * Bug fixes
      * Fixed hierarchy building for zero duration blocks - events and arbitrary values are always visible
      * (#89) Trying to fix high-dpi displays problem (maybe not fixed :disappointed: )
      * Other bug fixes
  • v2.0.0-beta.1
    a9e6ac08 · Older compiler build ·
    Beta version of release v2.0.
    Needed to test fonts issue on high-dpi displays.
  • v1.3.0
    91482f2e · v1.3.0 ·
  • v1.2.0
    f988cd48 · v1.2.0 ·
    * Added non-scoped block functionality for beginning and ending block manually from different functions. To open block use `EASY_NONSCOPED_BLOCK` macro, to close block use `PROFILER_END_BLOCK`. See #29 for more information
    * Added new API functions for getting current time (ticks) and converting it to nano- and microseconds:
      * `timestamp_t profiler::currentTime()` returns current time in ticks (or nanoseconds - depends on build options)
    * Add following cmake options to easy_profiler_core `CMakeLists.txt`:
      * `BUILD_WITH_CHRONO_STEADY_CLOCK` - use `std::chrono::steady_clock` as a timer. By default is `OFF`
      * `BUILD_WITH_CHRONO_HIGH_RESOLUTION_CLOCK` - use `std::chrono::high_resolution_clock` as a timer. By default is `OFF`
    If both is set to `ON` - use `std::chrono::high_resolution_clock`.
    If both is set to `OFF` - use `QueryPerformanceCounter/rtdsc` timer.
    **_Note_**: Do not forget clean `CMakeCache` file if you've changed an option.
    * Calculating total children duration per thread/frame/parent
    * Displaying "total self %" (duration % excluding all children) per thread/frame/parent
    * Changed "Connect" button logic: if connected to the profiled application then additional click performs disconnect. Changed appropriate tool-tip.
    * Fixed displaying unicode text in popup and at histogram window
    * Display current opened file name at the window title;
    * Suggest save file name: using current system date and time as file name;
    * Checking for unsaved network session before opening new file and before exit.
    * Added "Use Right Mouse Button..." hint to Hierarchy window. See #35 #33
    * Changed popup position on Diagram - now it is better positioned for small window also.
    * Added additional field "Self" to the popup on Diagram. Self stands for "self duration" (duration excluding all children).
    * Clear FPS Monitor contents after successful connect.
    * Minor fixes
  • v1.1.0
    d02e568d · v1.1.0 ·
  • v1.0.3
    b5c1e69f · v1.0.3 ·
  • v1.0.2
    d338c022 · v1.0.2 ·
  • v1.0.1
  • v1.0.0
    493000ce · v1.0.0 ·